32" x 60" Walk-in Bath
Enjoy the Healing Benefits


Comfortable, Accessible Bath.
American Standard walk-in baths allow for easy entry and exit of the tub to enjoy the benefits of bathing. Every American Standard walk-in bath offers a built-in contoured seat with deep soaking dimensions for a comfortable full body bathing experience

Peace of Mind from Safe Bathing
If safe and easy bathing is a concern to you and your loved ones, American Standard® Walk-In baths are the perfect bathtub choice. American Standard® Walk-In baths accessible design allows everyone in the family to enjoy a better bathing experience. The low entry, built-in handrail and slip-resistant tub floor are just a few features that make bathing safe with an American Standard® Walk-In bath.

Comfort Alleviates Aches and Pains
American Standard® Walk-In Baths are great for arthritis, rheumatism, backaches, obesity, sore knees and other common pains. Experience the healing benefits of water therapy safely and in comfort.