Additional Products

American Standard® brings luxury to the walk in bath with award winning design

The American standard® 32"x60" acrylic walk-in bath provides the maximum in therapeutic soaking pleasure. Offering the largest water capacity in our product line, the 32"x60" walk-in bath gives a completely immersive and relaxing bathing experience. This system is best for larger persons and those wanting the option to stand and shower. Enjoy unique features and options like the No-Leak door system, built-in chair height seat, grab bar, automatic tub cleaning system, Quick Drain™ water removal system, in-line heater and a full suite of other luxury options for the ultimate in walk-in bathing. The large, U-shaped door boasts a super-wide opening for effortless entry and exit. » Learn More

High Gloss Gel Coat Walk-In Bathtub With Fiberglass Reinforcement

The American Standard® 31”X51” gel coat walk-in bathtub allows for an extremely deep and submersive bath while still fitting into smaller areas. Enjoy the many benefits of our other walk in tubs like the easy access door system, built-in seat, grab bar and textured bottom for a secure and safe bathing experience. Also benefit from the many massage options available including air spa, whirlpool or combo massage. Take advantage of the optional tub extender which fills in gaps and also acts as a shelf for placing personal bathing items. » Learn More

Goes where others can't without sacrificing features and options.

The American Standard® 30"x51" acrylic walk-in bath provides the same bathing experience as the larger 32"x60" model, but fits into 60" openings and slightly smaller spaces with the optional Tub Extender. This model provides maximum soaking ability with less water. The 30"x51" tub features a smart, full sized, V-shaped door (complete with No-Leak door system technology) to accommodate its 51" length while still offering roomy entry and exit. The 30"x51" is a mid-size walk-in tub with the same features found in the 32"x60" model. » Learn More

American Standard® Walk-In Bath Providing Healing Benefits And Space-Consciousness

The American Standard® 26"X51" acrylic walk-in bath is designed specifically to fit through narrow doorways and into the smallest spaces, yet still provides all over soaking pleasure. Still enjoy all of the features, options, and healing benefits you’ll find in our larger models while using less water and taking up less space.  This walk in tub includes features such as a large walk-in tub door (complete with no-leak door system technology), built-in chair-height seat, textured tub floor, and comes with multiple massage and other spa-like options. » Learn More

American Standard® Walk-In Bath Designed For Even The Smallest Possible Spaces

The American Standard® 28"X48" walk-in bath is designed to allow those who do not have the space for even a standard bathtub to be able to enjoy the pleasure of owning a walk in tub. It provides a full-bodied bathing experience in even the most petite of spaces. The 28"X48" walk in bath comes with a full-sized, D-shaped door which allows for ease of exit and entry, a built-in, chair-height seat to make it easy to get up and down in your tub, and also has a low threshold to make getting into and out of your tub expedient, effortless and safe. » Learn More